Leamington Council passes on accepting waterfront enhancement plan until Jun. 14


Leamington Council was presented with a report outlining recommendations for a comprehensive new waterfront enhancement plan Tuesday evening. The report was prefaced by a recommendation from administration that council approve it.

Council chose to defer making a decision on the plan to June 14, despite a warm welcome and generally positive feedback. Mayor Hilda MacDonald and Councillors say they want more time with the plan to make a final decision.

The Waterfront Destination Master Plan presented to council proposes $33.7 million in improvements over 15 years, at an average of $2.5 million per year, to make a total of 66 improvements to 8 key locations along the municipality’s waterfront.

The plan bases its ideas on engagement with local politicians, municipal staff, and community engagement. It focuses on feedback-based improvements like walkability, beach restoration, amenities, food vendors and restaurants, improved parking, and more.

Key locations along with areas of improvement included in the plan are:

  • Seacliff Park: More connectivity, amenities, bicycle parking
  • Gold Coast Road: Beach enhancements, new parking space
  • Erie Street Pier: Pier enhancements, improved waterfront access
  • Robinson Road connection: Parking, improved waterfront access
  • Waterfront Promenade: Updating existing infrastructure, transformation into a signature destination
  • Rick Atkin Park: Park revitalization, new washrooms, accessibility improvements
  • Lakeside Marina: Parking, new pavilion, new fishing platforms

Mayor MacDonald said during council’s meeting, some members have not had a chance to go over a hard copy of the report. Councillor Tim Wilkinson remarked, he needs a bunch more time to deliberate.