Leamington Mayor Hilda MacDonald running for re-election


The Mayor of Leamington has decided to run for re-election in this fall's municipal election.

Hilda MacDonald is looking for another term as mayor, after unseating John Paterson back in the 2018 election.

Prior to that, MacDonald had served as deputy mayor from 2014 to 2018.

MacDonald says there are things that had a pause put on them during the pandemic that she'd like to see through to completion, which helped make up her mind.

"Really it's been the last few, I'm going to say the last month and a half, two months that we've been talking," she continued. "Myself and some of my closer colleagues about the things we accomplished during COVID but the things that still need some steering to get them where we'd like them to be."

Some of the projects mentioned by MacDonald include the Northeast Trunk Sanitary Sewer, the Attainable and Affordable Housing Project, and the Waterfront Destination Master Plan, on top of working with the local greenhouse industry to continue making progress.

She says there are still lots of things that need doing, and they're also in a stage of growth that she would like to continue being part of.

"It isn't even just seeing projects through to completion, it's wanting to be part of the direction the municipality is going towards. I'm looking forward to it, like I said COVID has put a pause on a few things, so I definitely want to see and be there for the next four years."

MacDonald says after the challenges brought about by the pandemic, it would be a really nice feeling to get to a point where they're on an even balance.

"For all the negativity, COVID-19 certainly brought the Municipality of Leamington front and center to both provincial and federal governments. That's been a positive, and I think we can use that to our advantage going forward. There are things that open doors for us that I think, again, I'd like to be part of that," she said.

MacDonald's decision is a break from other recent announcements by incumbent local mayors, with both Aldo DiCarlo of Amherstburg and Marc Bondy of LaSalle saying they're not running for re-election.

The municipal election is set for October 24.