Leamington Takes Next Step in Search for New Police Service


A consultant has been hired to help Leamington in its search for a new police service.

Council agreed to hire MPM Consulting to help them find a new police force in three phases, starting with work on a request for proposal to see what options the town has available.

The town decided not to renew its contract with Essex County OPP in June. Among the motivations mentioned by council, cost, lack of coverage information and a lack of police presence.

The process likely won't be completed until at least 2021 according to Director of Legal and Legislative Services, Ruth Orton.

"Likely late 2020 or early 2021 once the whole process is completed, so that will likely be the award of the RFP, if that's council wish and the preparation of the contract within that timeframe as well," says Orton.

Councillor Paul Tiessen wants the process done quickly and he thinks the experienced consulting firm the town hired can shorten that timeline.

"Time is of the essence here and we need to move this along as quickly as possible, in saying that so MPM would be the guy and has RFP's with other forces, so I'm in favour of going ahead with this," he says.

After the first phase of the project, Orton says council does have the right to back out.

"Council can provide direction to not proceed with the next phase once it's been completed, if that' councils wish," she says.

According to the report, the first phase creates and sends out the request for proposal at a cost of $19,000.

The second phase costs $13,000 and will help council to decide which candidate to choose.

Phase three will cost $6,000 to draw up a service agreement contract, if they choose to hire a new police force.

Leamington currently spends $5.4-million a year on Essex County OPP for its policing needs.