Leamington to Spend $500,000 on Shoreline Repairs


Leamington continues to the battle against flooding and shoreline erosion.

Council has agreed to spend just over $500,000 to repair four problem areas in the municipality including Cotterie Park, Fox Run Road, East Beach Road and Lakeside Marina.

Mayor Hilda MacDonald says the work needs to be done now before fall rainstorms hit the region.

She says some areas are at risk of slipping into the lake.

"We have a couple of very vulnerable spots where infrastructure is close to being taken over by the lake. So we do need to do a temporary fix and it's fundamental that we do that at this point in time," says MacDonald.

She says this is a short-term solution for a long-term problem.

"We're hoping to sit down with the province and the federal government, and even Chatham-Kent because they're facing the same kind of erosion issues that we are. So we will have to find a solution or maybe even several solutions that will take place over time," says MacDonald.

She says it's a problem the municipality can't shoulder on its own.

"So we're looking for upper levels to bring some funding to the table. Then again, we're still in the midst of COVID and you know how much money has already been handed out for businesses and people suffering. So it will be an interesting time to see what kind of money will be available," she adds.

MacDonald says construction on all four areas is expected to begin right away.

Total Source Contracting out of Essex was picked to do the work from six potential bidders.