Lecce Set to Announce Plans for Area Schools; Local Health Unit Supports In Person Learning


The region's Medical Officer of Health believes in-person learning can resume at schools in Windsor-Essex.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says given the current restrictions along with public health safety measures, he's comfortable with schools reopening.

He believes it will differ for each family and they will consider their own risk assessment.

Dr. Ahmed says it's a tough decision and there is no clear answer.

"We have to do our own risk assessment," says Dr. Ahmed.  "We have to think how it will impact my child, how much risk I'm willing to tolerate.  Overall based on the evidence, based on the data, based on the various reports including reports from Sick Kids, it is important child do in person learning."     

He says the safety measures are designed to prevent any type of spread in the schools.

"We'll continue to have cases," he says.  "We'll continue to see children bringing cases to the school but all these measures being followed, it should not result in the spread of the diseases as we have seen in the month of November with some of the outbreaks."     

Elementary and secondary students in Windsor-Essex shifted to online learning on December 14 after Dr. Ahmed issued a Section 22 Order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

But since that time, the province announced schools in certain regions such as Windsor-Essex would remain closed for in person learning until at least February 10.

The school are open for students with special needs.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce will provide an update on Wednesday at 4pm for the remaining COVID-19 hot spots including Windsor-Essex.

Lecce's announcement can be heard live on AM800.