Letter sent to province calling for re-introduction of masks


The acting medical officer of health for Windsor-Essex, along with two other medical officers of health in Ontario, have fired off a letter to the province's Chief Medical Officer of Health.

They're calling on Dr. Kieran Moore to re-instate the wearing of masks in all indoor settings.

Dr. Shanker Nesathurai says they have been asking for the re-introduction in previous conversations with the province but have now sent a letter.

He says they support the province's expansion of required masking in certain settings.

"We ask him to broaden that to require masking in all indoor activities or indoor areas including schools, colleges, universities and so we're hopeful that the province will take action moving forward," he said.   

He believes the re-introduction of masks is a worth while measure.

"For me, from my own prospective I think we have to engage in the dialogue about how we return to normalcy," he continued. And returning to normalcy includes when there's higher levels of disease activity to require masking indoors, it also requires continued social distancing." 

Dr. Shanker Nesathurai says they have asked the province to re-introduce masks in the past.

"We've shared this prospective with the province and with Dr. Moore in the past. This is just one additional step communicated in written communication but we have communicated that verbally and we've communicated that publicly and other medical officers of health have also communicated in a similar manner."         

Dr. Nesathurai says the letter was sent Wednesday night.

Dr. Thomas Piggott from Peterborough Public Health and Dr. Mustafa Hirji from Niagara Region Public Health & Emergency Services have also signed the joint letter.

Last month, Dr. Nesathurai called on the province to reintroduce a province-wide mask mandate for a limited time in indoor settings.

He also asked local school boards to implement a mask policy.

Read the Full Letter Here.