Licence Plate Scanner Now on WPS Cruiser


The Windsor Police Service has a new tool at its disposal.

An Automatic Licence Plate Recognition System (ALPR) has been installed on a cruiser and is used to automatically scan licence plates. 

Constable Shawn Diotte tells AM800 News, as the officer drives the vehicle, it is continuously scanning for licence plats that may be in the camera's view.

"Those licence plates are scanned and then are compared to what we call a 'hotlist' and if that plate appears in the hotlist then there would be a positive hit which would then alert the officer that there is a plate of interest within the officer's vicinity."

According to, Constable Diotte, a hotlist is provided to them from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), and if the WPS has any plates of interest.

"For example, some offences such as a stolen vehicle would cause a plate to end up in this list. If a registered owner of a vehicle is a suspended driver, that plate could end up in this list," he says. "So those are just a couple of examples of things that would get your plate places into theses lists."

Constable Diotte says just because a plate from the hot list is found, doesn't mean that driver would be pulled over.

"The information that is provided to the officer is not all encompassing, so the officer would then have the ability to run the plate through more specific queries, depending on the information that they get back, they may conduct a vehicle stop based off of the information that the ALPR is giving them."

According to WPS, the scanner does not record video and will only analyze pictures for licence plates and all information related to a non-hit plate scan is deleted within approximately 24 hours.