Light Pollution By-Law Going Before Kingsville Council


The Town of Kingsville could put a by-law in place to stop light pollution from agricultural lands.

Greenhouse growers employing lamps can sometimes turn night into day under cloudy skies, and residents aren't happy about it.

According to a report, several operations have site plan agreements that require "dark sky compliance," but have been illuminating the sky anyway.

The by-law would be put in place to ensure all agricultural land is "dark sky compliant" and $25,000 has been requested to fund enforcement during overnight hours.

Deputy Mayor Gord Queen says greenhouses aren't the only offenders.

"It has been suggested by others coming to council chambers that perhaps we needed a by-law that could address it in a broader sense," he says.

Queen expects plenty of discussion on the subject Monday night.

"After the debate at the council table we can decide whether to approve it or we could get some input from others and approve it at a future meeting," he says. 

Queen says there's no excuse for greenhouses that knew curtains were required when they entered an agreement with the town.

"We have some of the greenhouse operators who have ordered curtains, but those curtains are coming from Holland and there's some delay in terms of delivery," he says. "Just because there's a delay, it doesn't mean neighbours should be adversely affected."

According to the report, there are eight repeat offenders when it comes to light pollution.

The by-law would also cover odours coming from agricultural land.

Kingsville Town Council gets underway at 6 p.m.