LISTEN: Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Launches COVID-19 Recovery Program


Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) has launched a new support program for those who are recovering from COVID-19.

The organization has always been focused on rehabilitation, mental health and addiction supports, according to Clinical Practice and Operations Manager Sonya Vani.

After it was established that people who contract COVID-19 could feel lingering effects for more than 12 weeks, she says the healthcare centre took action.

Vani tells The Dan MacDonald Show many people are dealing with the same symptoms.

"Really one of the most common ones is fatigue. People are also suffering from cognitive dysfunction or 'brain fog' or exertional malaise, which is really interesting," she says. "If they overexert themselves they'll even get some sensory motor symptoms, headaches and memory deficits. It's a wide range."
She says there will be a focus on several areas of treatment.

"You may need more than one thing. You may need physical rehab, but also be suffering from mental health concerns and need that support," she says. "There will be education for all participants; because the more you know the stronger you are so we're giving everyone the skills to help self manage their symptoms." 

Vani says the program will evolve as needed.

"It's such a new condition that the research is growing every day," she says. "We decided about 30 days ago that we need to get this going and service the needs of Windsor-Essex."

Vani says patients can be referred to the COVID-19 Recovery Program (CRP) by their primary care physician or an area acute care centre.

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