LISTEN: Kingsville and Leamington Being Held Back from Stage 2


Windsor-Essex will move to Stage 2 as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday with the exception of Kingsville and Leamington.

Premier Doug Ford made the announcement form Queens Park on Wednesday afternoon saying the decision has been “weighing on his shoulders.”

“Everyone cooperated and I want to give a shoot-out to Dr. Ahmed too and Mayor Dilkens. They’re working their back off and we ended up knocking down the barrier.” He says.

When it comes to people booking appointments or going to a patio, Ford says there will be no way of stopping people from Leamington or Kingsville from traveling to other parts of Windsor-Essex that will be in Stage 2.

“I’ve always said, I don’t like the so-called police state that if you go there or go there. We’re just trying to protect the workers and the farmers, that’s where its really focused on and not so much the general population and we’re going to get them to the next level as quickly as possible.”

Ford says his focus is on protecting the people of Windsor-Essex.

“I love the people there, they’re salt of the earth people and so is Windsor. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make sure we can open up there which is great news and I want to thank the team for doing that.”

Premier Ford also said he is making it clear that if a temporary foreign worker tests positive for COVID-19, they will not lose their job.

Wednesay's announcement also included a three-point plan that the government says  builds on the work already underway by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and enhances the coordinated efforts of the province, federal and local authorities.