LISTEN: Pharmacy Employee Refuses to Allow Customer to be Scammed


A Harrow pharmacy worker says she refused to let a customer be scammed earlier this month

Karen is the employee who overheard a man in his 60's on the phone being instructed to purchase gift cards on Oct. 6.

She tells The Afternoon News it's not the first time she's had customers fall victim to a Canada Revenue Agency scam.

Karen recognized the man was being pressured over the phone and convinced him to put it down.

"Are you sure you're buying these for you? He wasn't really answering me and I could tell, so I said sir I can't sell you this amount of gift cards and he said 'okay' and he walked away," she says.

When the man began to leave Karen decided it was time to call police. 

"At one point I picked up the phone and called the pharmacy and asked somebody to call the police because it's just happened enough times that I knew," she says. "The police said to just keep him in the store."

The man left, but Karen refused to give up.

"At that point I followed him to see where he went and he was sitting in the parking lot and was still on the phone," she says. "I just wrote his licence plate down and when the police came we gave them the licence plate."

Thanks to Karen's persistence, the OPP was able to trace the man's licence plate to his home.

Officers arrived to find he was still on the phone with the fraudster, but were able to confirm his bank account and credit cards were secure and hung up.

The OPP is urging the public to be aware of the latest fraud trends posted on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre's website.