LISTEN: Smoke from Wildfires Will Return to Windsor-Essex


Smoke from wildfires in northern Ontario stretching to B.C. will have an impact on the climate in Windsor-Essex all summer.

That's according to The Weather Network's Doug Gilham, who spoke with Patty Handysides on The Afternoon News.

"All you need is the smoke to be lofted high up into the atmosphere and then to have the upper level winds coming into our region from the west north-west," he says. "That will happen again."

The meteorologist says smoke will make its way in and out of the region all summer.

"It sure was nice to have that cold front come through and change the wind direction and give us some clear skies, but, we still have a lot of summer to go and some of those fires are going to go until we get to the fall," he added. "It's not possible to pinpoint exactly when, but there are still close to 1,000 wildfires across western and central Canada."
After some heavy rain in recent weeks, Gilham says the region will settle into a more typical weather pattern for late July into August — hot and humid followed by the occasional thunderstorm to break the heat.

Gilham says smoke from wildfires will also cool some days as it filters the sun's rays.