LISTEN: Unifor Joins Casinos Province Wide in Push to Reopen


Officials with Caesars Windsor, Unifor, and other casinos are working together to push for an opening of casinos in Ontario.

Unifor local 444 President Dave Cassidy says the union will be lobbying to allow casinos to open with the same restrictions as other non-essential retail outlets.

Cassidy tells The Afternoon News casinos have a good track record when it comes to upholding safety standards.

"Caesars Windsor and the casinos like Gateway that I deal with; the health and safety measures that are in place are second to none," he added.

He says Caesars opened briefly under the 10-person limit to show it could do it safely, but it wasn't cost effective.

"Whether it's through the AGCO or the OLG, they know how to follow the rules," he says. "The floor footprints throughout the casino is unbelievable. The machines that are on versus the ones that are off to keep people socially distanced. The tables that have all the Plexiglas in place."

Cassidy says the province needs to let businesses show they can follow the rules.

"Whether it be gyms or little restaurants and small businesses, it's time to have the safety precautions there. If people don't want to go they don't have to go," he says. "It's so important. We need to get this economy rolling while doing it safely."

Ontario entered a province wide lockdown that will last for at least a month starting Saturday at 12:01 a.m.

Under the lockdown, gaming centres can't open but retail outlets can open with strict capacity limits and safety measures in place.

Cassidy says the union will begin lobbying to reopen under the same restrictions with the help of Local MPP's next week.