LISTEN: Visiting Family Top Reason to Travel for Vaccinated Canadians


The easing of restrictions for fully vaccinated Canadians has a local travel agent working overtime.

Sarah Hupalo owns Goliger's Travel Plus in Windsor and says her phone's been ringing off the hook since the changes came into effect.

She tells The Afternoon News visiting family has been the top reason given for travel.

"A lot of people have families overseas, in the U.S., even in the Caribbean," she says. "I had someone booking for Russia the other day."

While leaving the country is appealing after such a long lockdown, Hupalo say people are still looking to book trips within Canada.

"The advantage in some sense is a lot of the foreign people are not really able to travel within Canada, so that's freed up a lot more us for us local folks," she added.

Even if you can return to Canada with few hassles, she says rules in destination countries have been a challenge.

"It's so hard to even tell you what we're dealing with, but I certainly suggest people do their research or call a travel agent that can help them navigate the craziness because I promise there's more to come," she says.

According to the government's website, Canadians must have completed their second dose of a recognized COVID-19 vaccine 14-days prior to returning to the country.

A negative COVID-19 test is required before embarking home and upon arrival. Travellers are also expected to have a plan in place in the event they must quarantine.

The plan and proof of vaccination must be submitted to the ArriveCAN app prior to travel.

More on travel restriction can be found at the federal government's website.