Local Cancer Patient who Fought Border Ban for Family Visit has Died


A local woman with cancer who pushed for an exemption to the COVID-19 border restrictions has died.

53-year-old Diane Costello passed away on Tuesday, leaving behind three children.

Costello's parents live in Michigan and were not allowed to cross the border to see their dying daughter.

The Costello family pushed for an exemption and it was finally granted last month allowing Diane to see her parents before she died.

"She was fully aware that my grandparents were there," says Diane's Daughter, Shayla."I'll never forget the smile that was on her face and knowing that we were able to do this for her before she passed, just makes me feel so, like makes my heart so full."  

"Like, all our hard work paid off," Shayla adds. "And I know my mom was waiting to pass but she wanted to make sure she saw her parents first before she did. So she was fighting until she got to see them."     

Shayla tells AM800 News the support from the community has been overwhelming.

"Thank-you so much for making this possible and for all the messages and your support and for making my mom's final wish come true because I know it meant so much to her and to our family," she says.