Local Charity Experiences Vandalism for the First Time


A charitable organization in Tecumseh is now scrambling after an alleged act of vandalism.

Kim Spirou is a volunteer with Second Chance Ministry.

She says between Sunday night and early Monday morning, one of the group's cube vans was vandalized in the parking lot at Ste. Anne church on Tecumseh Road East.

Spirou says the vandalism included the removal of the entire catalytic converter.

"The deductible is quite high and our insurance so we're hoping that maybe we might catch the attention of some community spirited people that might wish to help us get the van back on the road," says Spirou.      

She says it's the first time the organization has experienced vandalism.

"We never had a problem in many years using the parking area," she says.  "This is the first time that, we've been vandalized and of course it was very disappointing."     

Spirou adds a report has been filed with Tecumseh's OPP detachment.

"Sadly there wasn't any footage in that part of the parking lot so we weren't able to have any identification of the perpetrators of this heinous crime because it's like stealing from a church for goodness sakes," says Spirou.      

She says Second Chance Ministry has two cube vans.

Spirou says the vans are used to pick up donated furniture items.

The items are then dropped off to individuals who have requested the furniture.