Local Communities Reeling Following Fatal Attack on London Muslims


The ripples of an attack on a Muslim family in London are being felt in southern Ontario.

On Sunday night, a family of five Muslims out for a walk were hit by a driver in an "act of mass murder" — four were killed while a young boy was left with serious injuries.

In a release, the Windsor Islamic Council is condemning the crime stating, "we recognize the tolerant and inclusive nature of our Canada, but this incident against Canadian Muslims demonstrates that Canada is not immune to hate."

The statement also calls on, "authorities, politicians and society to stand firmly against all forms of hate and discrimination in our society."

Meantime, in Chatham-Kent, flags at all municipal locations have been lowered and a candlelight vigil is planned for Wednesday night at 6:30pm at the Tecumseh Park band shell.

The socially-distanced event is sponsored by the Chatham-Kent Muslim Association and is open to everyone.