Local Company Produces Golf Cart Dividers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


A couple of local business partners are scoring a hole-in-one with a new invention to make golf carts safe during COVID-19.

David Ublansky and Ryan Hill came up with the idea of installing a shield in the golf cart to allow two golfers to use a cart at the same time. The company is called GolfCartDivider.com.

Without the divider, only one golfer can use a cart, which can be challenging for the golf course.

Ublansky says they approached a local production company and created the golf cart divider — a transparent shield that is easily installed between the two golfers on the cart.

“It is a simple concept and it is easy to set up and clean in between rides, it does work. Sometimes the best ideas come out of situations like this," he says.

"We are working with some local people who are in the production business here, they were able to set us up quickly with some prototypes of this and we are into production right now."

According to Ublansky, the Golf Cart Divider meets all health and safety requirements and he expects sales to pick up as golf courses adapt to the new way of doing business with COVID-19.

About 1,000 of the units have been sold so far.