Local Company Puts Furnace Up For Grabs For The Holidays


A local heating and cooling company is giving away a furnace this holiday season.

Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists will be donating a furnace valued at $6,000 to a family or individual in need of a new unit.

Marketing Co-ordinator Alana Mariani says the company has been giving away a furnace for a number of years and the response has been overwhelming.

"We're giving away a free furnace to a family in need," says Mariani.  "We realize that anyone that has a furnace that's currently broken or they can't afford heat in their home, this is a fairly large purchase, especially during the holiday season."     

She says those interested must be nominated.

"We're accepting nominations until December 9. So you can go to our website fahrhall.com," says Mariani.  "You can find it right on our home page click on the link, it will bring you to the nomination page.  Just leave as much information as you can with a little bit of a description of the family or individual that you're nominating."       

Mariani says replacing a broken furnace can be costly, especially during the holiday season.

"It's a very large investment for something like a furnace to break down during the holidays, it's huge," says Mariani.  "So for us to be able to do that for a family we feel really proud to be able to do that, definitely a huge sense of financial relief for whoever is lucky enough to win it."     

Nominations close on December 9 with the winner being announced late next week.

Head to www.fahrhall.com to find the nomination form.