Local food bank broken into for a second time


For the second time since Easter weekend, a break and enter has occurred at a local food bank.

Yvette Drouillard is president of Divine Mercy Food Bank Conference on Wyandotte Street East near Marion Avenue and says the site was broken into overnight.

She says meat and milk were stolen and the garage door was damaged.

Drouillard says in the previous break and enter, close to $3,000 worth of goods were stolen.

"What they had done is they jimmied the back door and so we got a lock put into it and now what they did, the actual door is completed, we're going to have to replace the whole steel door in the back."

She says the break-ins are upsetting.

"They've stolen two carts now, like we're older people that work here and the carts were really good, in fact we had one of the carts just donated about a month ago and now that's gone again and they ruffled all through the filing cabinets and all through the desks," she continued. "There's food all over the place."   

Drouillard says out of all days, it's disappointing it happened on June 27th Miracle Day.

"We're all very very upset that this has happened to a food bank that helps people, that people break in and steal. If you want food, we're here to help you."  

Drouillard says they have been in contact with Windsor Police.

She says a neighbouring business was also broken into.

Divine Mercy Foodbank Conference is part of St. Vincent de Paul Society.