Local Health Unit Plans to Update Face Covering Order


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit will be updating its face covering order next week.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed says the health unit is looking for some consistency as some local municipalities have approved their own mask bylaw.

"It won't be entirely different than what we have already," says Dr. Ahmed.  "It's just to clean it up and make sure and make sure consistency is achieved." 

He says there are some differences between the health unit's order and bylaws from area municipalities.

"Some municipalities are including spaces that others are not including so from a public health prospective, what we are trying to do, achieve is some kind of consistency in common areas across the region to ensure the language allows consistency in the region," says Dr. Ahmed.     

The health unit issued a face covering order for commercial establishments in Windsor-Essex at the end of June while a number of local municipalities including Windsor have adopted their own bylaws.

The health unit's order requires all owners and operators of a commercial establishment to prohibit entry of person who is not wearing a face covering.

There are a couple of exceptions such as if a person cannot wear one for medical reasons or age.

The list of establishments include retail stores, convenience stores, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, indoor farmer's markets, gas stations and auto shops.