Local Health Unit Working with Manufacturing Facilities

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The Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex says the health unit continues to work with manufacturing facilities in the region.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says employers want to keep their work places safe for their employees and want to keep their facilities open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"They want to keep it open so they are willing to do everything that is needed to keep it safe but recognizing that it's not easy," says Dr. Ahmed.

He says there remains some challenges for the health unit, determining if a workplace was exposed to the virus or if the exposure happened outside of the facilities.

"Sometimes we don't have all the details to say with certainty, yes that's a workplace exposure or no, this is not a workplace exposure and this is an exposure that happened from outside," says Dr. Ahmed.

He says he can issue an order for a manufacturing facility but there must be an "established risk" before issuing the order.

"Most of the workplaces that we have worked so far, it never came to a point of issuing an order," he says.  "Sometimes issuing an order is important to get some of the controlled measures in place but other than that generally the workplaces are complying."     

Dr. Ahmed adds manufacturing facilities are require to have safety protocols in place.

Based on the latest restrictions from the province, manufacturing facilities are not impacted.