Local high school student headed to national science fair competition for 'artificial pancreas'

'artificial pancreas' 2022- CTV

A local high school student is headed to the national science fair competition for her 'artificial pancreas' designed to make diabetes more manageable.  

As heard on AM800's Live and Local with Kyle Horner, the prototype sets out to help people with diabetes by automatically administering insulin to manage blood-glucose levels.

Grade 10 student Sohila Sidhu from Assumption High school won the University of Windsor Faculty of Science award for the project. 

Sidhu says the idea came from seeing her mother struggle with diabetes.  

"My own mother had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with my younger sister. This is very scary for a young child to go through and I just wanted to make sure nobody else ever has to go through this ever again."  

She says she's always wanted to make a difference. 

"I've always wanted to be a young female entrepreneur, I really want to do great things in this world, I want to be a game changer so this was really something that was deep rooted inside of me, I've always wanted to come up with something new and do something like this. 

 Sidhu says she hopes to get into the medical field some day. 

She will take part in the Canada- Wide Science fair virtually from May 16 to May 20.