VIDEO: Local Investors Bring New Life To Chatham St. Building


There is new life coming to a Chatham St. building in downtown Windsor.

Mid South Land Development and Cypher Systems are looking to close the nearly million dollar deal next month to purchase the Ye Olde Steak House and Pour House Pub on Chatham St. W.

Mid South Land Development President Dino Maggio says the plan is to build on the renovations and upgrades in the former Loop/Fish Market building, also purchased by the group.

As AM800 has previously reported, Quicken Loans is setting up a technology wing in the old Loop/Fish Market building.

Maggio tells AM800 News there is a plan for that block in downtown Windsor and so far it is working.

"I'd like to have a little bit more control in that neighbourhood, we are putting in cameras, we beefed up security, we spent a lot of money, we like the neighbourhood, we like what we have achieved so far," he says.

When it comes to appearance, Maggio says the buildings will keep the traditional look but with upgrades inside, adding "we are keeping the facade as it is now, except we are going to enhance it, we are not making any major changes, we are replacing doors that are obsolete and putting a new roof on it."

The plan for the building is to create office space including law and accounting firms.

Maggio expects the deal will close in April and says work should begin in June and ready for tenants in September or October.

In addition to this planned development, the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation is relocating its city offices from the university to the 100 block of Chatham St. W.