Local Liberal Candidates Looking to Assist All Ages


The Liberal candidates in Windsor-Essex say they want to help people of all ages.

On Friday, the candidates held a news conference at Sandra Pupatello's campaign office on Dougall Avenue to discuss boosting Canada's child benefit fund by 15 per cent for children under the age of one.

Pupatello feels it's important to increase the child benefit fund.

"All three of us know that jobs and the economy, no matter what age group, helping families get through this while they're raising children so the Canada Children Benefit has been a huge god sent right here, 20,000 families just in Windsor and Essex County," says Pupatello.   

The Windsor-West Candidate also says students will receive up to $1,200 more per year through increased Canada Student Grants to ease concerns when it comes to paying off student loans.

"All three of us I think have heard, depending on who we are speaking to, it's moms who are worried about jobs for their kids," says Pupatello.  "It's young people worried about repaying their loans.  It's companies who want to see stability in our economy and want to see people flourish."

Pupatello also touched on the new NAFTA deal and says it has plenty of benefits for the manufacturing industry in Windsor-Essex.

"My history as an industry minister, I understand this industry, I understand where we have to go to look at even the potential of what could come into Windsor and Essex County," says Pupatello.  "Those things matter, that is bread and butter for us down here, so I'm pretty determined to get on that."     

Liberal candidates also said they would implement universal pharmacare and increase Old Age Security by 10 per cent once a senior turns 75.

The federal election begins Monday.