Local MP continues to fight for funding for costs related to Ambassador Bridge blockade


The MP for Windsor West continues to call on the federal government to assist the city with costs related to February's blockade near the Ambassador Bridge.

Brian Masse says he has not heard of any updates but says he keeping 'bugging the government on it.'

As AM800 news reported in March, the blockade costs the city around $5.7-million and as of today, the city is on the hook for the costs.

Masse says the city will be impacted during budget deliberations if funding is not received.

"People like Fabio and other city councillors and the mayor are going to have to look at decisions on where money is spent and it shouldn't be spent for basically an illegal blockade versus that of public parks, and keeping arenas open and so forth," says Masse.  "This is real things that will take place at budget time."      

He says he will continue to push the federal government.

"I just got to keep doing my job and there's been cabinet ministers that have recognized that there's been an impact on it down here but again you just got to keep following through," he says.  "What I've learned in Ottawa is that basically you have to continue to pound away so that's what I'll continue to do and make the case."     

Masse adds next time ministers come to the city, they should be asked where the funding is.

"Everytime that they show up in this community, the first thing that should be asked is where's the $6-million cheque for the city of Windsor," says Masse.  "Like why is the city of Windsor going to be short changed for this and that's what should be happening when anybody coming to visit this community."

Last month, Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens stated the city continues to push upper levels of government for funding and called it completely unfair for Windsor residents to shoulder the burden.   

The blockade on Huron Church Road happened in early February and lasted about one week.

Following the dismantle of the blockade, Windsor police closed a number of access points on Huron Church Road including Tecumseh Road, Malden Road and College Avenue.

The blockade started after groups and individuals were protesting COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

In July, Windsor police charged two city people in connection with the Freedom Convoy movement.

42-year-old Nycole Dicredico and 41-year-old William Laframboise were both charged with mischief.