Local Pizza Shops Preparing for Super Bowl Sunday


The president of  Antonino's Original Pizza is looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday.

Joe Ciaravino says it's one of the busiest days of the year for his business and he's recommending customers call ahead and place their orders in advance.

"We're anticipating another really busy day especially just before kick-off, that's typically when everybody wants their pizza and if it's a close game as usual, we're going to get a big run at halftime," says     

He says the pizza shop is busier before the game starts.

"Call place your order for a specific time, we'll have it ready because the wait times will be extended especially before the game and at halftime," says Ciaravino.    

Ciaravino says this year customers are ordering a variety of pizzas.

"We're seeing meat lovers, the angry Hawaiian is popular, the classic original super," says Ciaravino.  "It's a day I think where the New Year's resolution goes out the door."        

He says last year's biggest order was 10 king size pizzas totaling more than 300 slices.

There are three Antonino's locations — South Windsor, Tecumseh and LaSalle.