Local Protest Supports Tim Hortons Workers


About 40 people took to the streets outside of a Windsor Tim Hortons as part of a National Day of Action.

They're supporting some Tim Hortons workers who have had their benefits and breaks clawed back since the minimum wage increased to $14/hour.

Locally, the protest took place outside of the Tim Hortons on University Ave. West near Bruce. 

It was one of 40 sites targeted Friday across Canada.

Review Counsel at Community Legal Aid Lilian Bahgat says employers need to accept it and move on.

"Whether you like it or not, whatever side of the debate you are on, Bill 148 is the law now and we want enforcement of the law," she says.

The minimum wage jumped from $11.60/hour to $14 as of January 1st which has caused a few franchise owners to cut benefits.

"If employers such as prominent companies like Tim Hortons are taking these kinds off offensive measures against their employees," says Bahgat. "You can only imagine what those employers who no one is watching are doing to their employees."


About 40 people rally outside of the Tim Hortons in Windsor on Friday, January 19, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

She points out the jump in salary means stability for people who are living on minimum wage.

"Whether they have to buy groceries or pay rent, it is giving them that piece of mind that my rent can be paid and I can still afford to feed my children."

The owner at the Tim Hortons location on University Ave W. offered "no comment" when asked about the protest.