Local residents loving Windsor's e-scooter pilot project


Windsor's Bird e-scooter pilot project is proving to be a success.

Not only are the scooters being well used, but local riders have set some records putting up the highest average distance travelled and highest ride durations of anywhere in Canada. 

The City of Windsor's Active Transportation Coordinator, Laura Ash, says Bird Canada is reporting over 16,000 unique riders with many taking multiple trips while the total number of rides has increased by 50% since July.  

She says it's great that residents have shown such positivity and enthusiasm for this new technology in the city.

"There was a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning to understand how the GPS technology works with these devices," Ash continued. "So, residents are able to unlock a scooter, take a ride anywhere within the pilot area and park it elsewhere in an acceptable manner."

Ash says while the response has been mostly positive, anyone with concerns about inappropriate riding can reach out to the city's 3-1-1 line to report them.

"When calling we encourage residents to include the three digit unique ID that's on the scooter to help identify and be able to track down the users and riders. Riders who disregard the rules are subject to penalties and can be suspended and even banned from the program," she said.

Ash says staff from Bird will be holding an event this weekend at the riverfront for those who may be curious about the program.

"Bird has been hosting quite a few of these events in cooperation with the BIA and other community groups. They have their patrol team out there and they're allowing residents to try out the scooters and take a little obstacle course to show them how to use it."

The e-scooter pilot has had several spinoff benefits as well, with Bird Canada employing 25 people in Windsor while a number of local companies have launched scooter tours around the city.