Local Seniors Offer Shared Wisdom


As part of Seniors Month, local residents of long-term care and retirement homes have offered to share their life experiences.

The Elder Wisdom Green Bench campaign set-up in front of Windsor city hall, offering one-on-one engagement with the community.

Jennie Edwards says she shared her passion for painting.

"Tell 'em what I like to do, which is paint. I have a room full of paintings I've done myself. They're all paint by number though. They're beautiful," she says.

Barry Hicking is a retired minister who offered his insights of a lifetime.

"We're all looking for wisdom, we're all seeking to know more than what we already do know.  And this bench represents the ability to sit with someone who's been through life, has gained wisdom.  And we're willing and offering our wisdom to whoever wants to stop by," says Hicking.

Chris Brunette sat with Jennie Edwards to speak about painting and also spoke with another man about his experiences.

"I spoke with a gentleman and he recounted the war.  And it was a first-hand basis that just hit right to the heart of me.  Him and his friends sacrificed for us and we can learn a lot from the senior," says Burnette. "I think more than we can learn from our own age, I think the seniors have a lot of wisdom to share."

This year seniors from Shelegel Village of Aspen Lake and the Village at St. Clair took part in the fourth year of the campaign.