Longfellow Avenue residents taking steps to curb neighbourhood crime


Work is underway to form a Neighbourhood Watch in one area of Windsor following an incident where shots were fired.

It's what came out of community meeting hosted by Ward One Windsor City Councillor Fred Francis, which also included Mayor Drew Dilkens, the Windsor Police Service and several other community agencies.

On Sept. 11, police were called to a report of shots being fired in the 4200 block of Longfellow Avenue.

Investigators did find several shell casing at the scene and police did issue a release saying they believed it to be a targeted incident.

Following the incident, Francis called for the meeting to address the case and several other incidents in that neighbourhood.

Francis says residents on the call seemed very eager about forming a Neighbourhood Watch.

"I did touch base with a few residents after the meeting the next day. They seem very encouraged about getting a Neighbourhood Watch and working closely with the other neighbours, communicating with the other neighbours to make sure their block is safe," he says.

Francis says it goes a a long way if you know neighbourhoods are engaged, communicating and looking out for one another.

"When you have an engaged citizenry and they're working close with police, and police are responding accordingly, it makes it very difficult for criminality to happen," he adds.

Windsor Police Service were on hand to answer questions and offer advice to residents about what they can do to help.

"So having police there to let the residents know what they can do to help, and the residents going we hear you, this is what we're going to do to help and provide you with what you need to be provided with, information or complaints or anytime we see anything wrong or anything suspicious, we're going to call it in. That's what police said and I'm sure that's what the residents will be doing," Francis says.

Francis adds members of the neighbourhood are trying to determine who can take on certain roles to form and lead the Neighbourhood Watch, but those details need to be worked out between them.