LOOK: Windsor Couple with Dementia Renews Vows like it's their First Time


A Windsor couple who both suffer from memory loss are renewing their wedding vows like it’s the first time 73-years later.

Evelyn and Al Hillman have had a grip on each other since they were married on July 23, 1948. On Saturday, they renewed their vows in front of family, their first gathering since the pandemic started.

"My dad went through COVID-19 and survived it and it actually brought him back to my mom a lot quicker," says their son James Hillman.

James says Evelyn and Al thought they'd make a good couple when the idea of renewing their vows came up.

“My mom would say to him ‘I think we should get married,’” says James. “She had no idea they were already married. There was many times during this process where they thought they were getting married for the first time.”

The Hillman's have five children, 10 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Al says he was drawn by Evelyn's outlook on life, attitude and pleasant nature.

“I used to work in a drug store when I was a teenager and she used to visit,” says Al. “And then I got more visits and more visits and pretty soon I had to marry her."

Evelyn has been in a retirement home for four years but Al always managed to visit.

Brenda MacKinnonboth says her father may have dementia but that didn't stop him when he became a resident in the same home in June.

“I guess they were looking for him and there he was,” says Brenda MacKinnon. “He found his way which was a different hallway, different wing to my mother like a homing pigeon."

Their love rose above all on Saturday as the Hillman's sealed the deal with a kiss.