MADD Urging Halloween Partygoers to Stay Safe


A reminder from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to stay safe this Halloween.

MADD Windsor and Essex County Community Leader, Chaouki Hamka says it's important to be extra vigilant with trick-or-treaters out on the street.

He says, if you're going to be having some drinks, always plan ahead.

"In preparing for those fun nights and the celebration of Halloween, we encourage the public to plan ahead for a safe ride home," he says. "Whether you're drinking or consuming cannabis, make the right choice. Don't drive impaired and like we always say, you plan before you put that first sip of alcohol in your mouth or that first toke."


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Hamka says driving high is never safe.

Obviously now, after a year of cannabis legalization, I think it's pretty understandable and known that cannabis does impact you and impair you once you're driving," he says.

Hamka also says that getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is never OK.

"You would think after so much education, so much awareness, so much enforcement and just given the fact that it's illegal and dangerous, that people would understand that when you mix alcohol, drugs and driving it's extremely dangerous. People need to wake up," he adds.

He points out that with so many options available to get home safely including cabs, ride services like Uber and public transit, there's no excuse to be driving under the influence.


With files from Rob Hindi