Majority of Tecumseh Residents Happy with Town Services


It appears the majority of residents in the town of Tecumseh are happy with what they're getting for their tax dollars.

The town recently conducted a citizen satisfaction survey which found 97% of residents are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the services provided by the municipality.

Councillor Andrew Dowie says it came as no surprise that flooding was the top issue reported with 27% of residents saying they're still concerned about the risk posed by high water levels.

Dowie says there are several completed and ongoing projects aimed at mitigating flooding.

"The interest in dealing with flooding has only become higher," he says. The lake levels are certainly top of mind. I think that's influencing our residents, especially since the survey came out right around the time when things just didn't seem to be going down at the end of the season."

The survey also found communication with residents and policing as areas to be addressed.

Dowie says the town is doing a great job with communication, but residents may not know where to find the information.

"The town has a very active social media presence. It's constantly creating new content. I think there's a bit of education to communicate what resources are available for information and if we can point more people to them then hopefully we can improve upon this score," he says.

Dowie believes increased property crime has led to the lower police satisfaction rating.

"By and large, people still feel very safe because those ratings were very high. So it leads me to believe that this is more on the property crime side. So leaving your doors unlocked and someone rummaging through it or someone taking something off the patio," he says.

Dowie says there's always room for improvement and the town's ultimate goal is 100% satisfaction.

CLICK HERE to find the full report on the citizen survey.