Masse Calling for an Immediate Investigation after Dock Collapse


Windsor West MP Brian Masse is calling for an immediate investigation into the dock collapse at the Revere Copper site along the Detroit River.

Masse has fired off a letter to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and wants a binational investigation.

He says there are plenty of unknowns but it's believed the collapse caused contaminated radioactive materials to fall into the river.

"There's no doubt we need the IJC (International Joint Commission) to investigate this," says Masse.  "There's a short turn problem to ensure public safety and the inventory what has actually been spilled and then second to that, stop things that are potentially going to carry on increase contamination and to do some long term work."    

Masse believes the collapse was caused by the weight of the aggregate stored by the Detroit Bulk Storage.

"We know the spillage is quite significant," says Masse.  "We know some of the material goes back decades and I'm not even sure there's a full inventory of what's in the water so that's why we asked the minister to take immediate action."    

Masse became aware of the collapse on Wednesday.

It's believed it happened over the American Thanksgiving weekend.

He says the investigation must include the International Joint Commission and both governments from Canada and the United States.