Masse calling on federal government to help local businesses impacted by Ambassador Bridge blockade


Windsor West MP Brian Masse is requesting further federal assistance to local businesses impacted by border blockade, as the initial funding didn't cover all the businesses impacted.

Masse says that taxpayers and businesses in the City of Windsor should not be left on the hook for these costs.

The federal government provided financial assistance for local Ottawa businesses and the City of Ottawa, who were also impacted by the occupation of their downtown area, on top of compensating Ottawa for policing costs associated with those protests.

Given the timing of another convoy rolling through Ottawa this past weekend, Masse raised how the situation in that city and here have been handled in the House of Commons.

"The City of Windsor is still recovering from the blockades two months ago, we learned this week that this government will reimburse the City of Ottawa for the policing costs of the mismanaged convoy crisis. Meanwhile Windsor has heard nothing about the $6-million the City had to spend to clear the Ambassador Bridge blockade."

Masse says Windsor has yet to be reimbursed for its costs and now requires a long-term plan to prevent future blockades.

While he welcomed the assistance and funding program the federal government introduced, it didn't cover many businesses not immediately on Huron Church nor did it help the city at large.

"We've heard the Liberals take credit for the work done in Windsor, but it's my residents who still pay the price. We did all the right things and we took it on the chin for this country, why are the Liberals making it so hard for residents in Windsor having to pay for the blockade."

In response to Masse's questions, Pam Damoff, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety says the government is committed to protecting the safety and well being of Canadians.

"I actually just spoke with the Minister of Public Safety this week about that very issue. I know he is alert to the problem, and I invite the honourable member to have a conversation as I'd be happy to chat with him as well."

Masse says the fact is Windsor taxpayers are footing this bill and enough is enough, he wants to work together and develop a plan with the government that reimburses those affected through no fault of their own.