Masse Compares COVID in Ottawa to Windsor


Windsor West MP Brian Masse is commending people in this region for their COVID-19 behaviour.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, he says compared to what he's seen in Ottawa, people at this end of the province should be pleased with what has been accomplished.

When I was in Ottawa I went to a popular place to go on a patio to have dinner and there were just so many people crowded side by side, many people didn't even have a mask on or even in their hand or around their neck or anywhere and they [Ottawa] ended up having more outbreaks including one of the places that I visited."

Masse says he saw a perfect example in Ottawa of how quickly COVID can spread.

"Two Ottawa gentleman, I guess is a loose term to use, went out on a binge and they ended up infecting five different restaurants," he says. "So I've seen first hand letting down the guard and I was just pretty impressed with the messaging coming from the general public here and I just want to continue to encourage that because it's going to be some time that we have to deal with this and every little bit helps."

In Masse's opinion, dealing with minor inconveniences such as wearing a mask is worth it, if it means helping the greater good.

"Your neighbours, your relatives, our community, it's worth it," he says. "And it's not going to get easier over the next little bit, it,s going to be challenging over the winter, mental health and other things are gong to be important so we need to stick together on this as we get through this next process."

Indoor dining at Ottawa's restaurants and bars was recently shut down as well as fitness centres and movie theatres as the nation's capital moved backwards into a modified Stage 2 because of a surge in COVID-19 cases. 

Windsor-Essex remains in Stage 3 of the provinces re-opening framework.