Masse eager to get back to work in Ottawa


Windsor West incumbent Brian Masse is heading back to Ottawa.

Masse garnered just over 44 per cent of the vote on Monday night, and says he's fired up to heading back to Ottawa.

Speaking on AM800's Morning Drive Tuesday morning, Masse says he wants to make up for the time lost to campaigning to get back to passing legislation to help working people get ahead.

He says it's because he heard at the doors that people are hurting right now.

"There's so many things really to healthcare and affordability right now that we have to take to Ottawa and get some results," he continued. "I think this campaign is unique in many respects, because it is coming back similar to the way it was before."

Masse says getting better involved in the new age economy when it comes to green innovation, affordability of day-to-day life as well as owning or renting a home, and cell phone fairness are a few things he's focused on moving forward.

He's already got some legislation ready to go for the next session of parliament.

"Parliament is going back, we don't know when, but hopefully the Prime Minister will recall it very soon. His message last night was about getting back to work, and quite frankly I'll be blunt here we should never have broken from that work. We should've actually been working for Canadians and not in this election and I think that there is going to be some healing that's necessary," he said.

Masse says with another minority parliament shaping up, it's an opportunity to work with different political parties to get things done for people.

"We've gotta find solutions to actually get a lot of things done. I think I've shown a track record to work with any political party to try to get results not only for Windsor but for Canada," Masse continued. "And that'll be my approach, is to be optimistic and seek solutions but fight for what we need to get done here and fight for our country to change."

Masse has held the Windsor West riding since first winning it for the NDP back in 2002.