VIDEO: Masse Holds Windsor West for NDP


Windsor-West remains orange.

The NDP's Brian Masse defeated the Liberals Sandra Pupatello and Conservatives Henry Lau, taking 40 per cent of the vote.

Masse beat Pupatello by about two-thousand votes and appreciates the vote of confidence from residents in the riding. 

"They choose hope, opportunity and hard work for all of us together and I am so proud to represent for Windsor West and we will continue to fight for all of Windsor West after this election," says Masse.

This is Masse's seventh win, and Masse says his campaign remained the same since he first won in the by-election in 2002.

Even though there are big files like the border in Windsor-West, Masse says the smaller individual issues deserve as much attention.

"What's just as important is if somebody walks in our office and they can't get their employment insurance to pay the rent, we don't distinguish between the priority, we work hard every single day because everything does matter and everybody matters, we don't let people behind," says Masse.

Masse tells AM800 News a minority government can prove useful for the NDP.

"We have to seize the opportunity to get pharmacare, we have the seize the opportunity to get dental coverage, we have to seize the opportunity to get eye coverage, we have to seize the opportunity to get Tommy Douglas's vision to fruition," says Masse. 

Despite the loss, Liberal candidate Sandra Pupatello says her campaign served a purpose.

"Don't think that all of our work was for not because I believe that we set the bar higher in Windsor-West for what our expectations are now, more than two months ago, more than four years ago, more than ten years ago, we are watching," says Pupatello.

Pupatello also left the door open for another possible run.

"The Liberals are going to need our support, it looks like they are in a minority government and that means we don't know, will they last four years, will it be two years, will we be back again very shortly," says Pupatello, who came out of political retirement to run in Windsor West, the riding she held as an MPP for 16 years.

As for losing his two NDP counterparts in Windsor-Tecumseh and Essex, Masse admits it is tough because he saw the effort that both Tracey Ramsey and Cheryl Hardcastle put into the riding.


(Image courtesy of CTV News)