Masse 'More Confident Than Ever' on Single Sports Betting


Windsor West MP Brian Masse is "more confident than ever" on his single sports betting bill.

The bill was up for discussion on parliament hill Tuesday and the New Democrat says it's gained momentum.

Masse says the future of single sports betting now rests on swaying a few Liberal votes.

"The Bloc [Quebecois] has already indicated that they will be supporting the bill, we have the NDP of course," he says. "We had some Liberal support and some Liberals against."

Masse also indicates there's a solid Conservative vote and more that could support the bill than in previous votes.

Masse says Liberal Parliamentary Secretary, Adam Vaughan, called out single sports betting for "sucking money from people."

He says Vaughan lacks an understanding of where the money is currently being directed.

"Organized crime, when you just look at the Toronto Region and even in our own region where the actual online and organized activity is increasing and we have no revenue for it," says Masse. "We don't have any supports for gaming addiction because the Hells Angels aren't actually donating money to the united way or other types of charities."

Masse had called out the Liberal Government for delaying the single sports betting bill over the summer.

The bill is expected to return to parliament for a vote in late January or early February.