Masse Supports Push Against Federal Election During Pandemic


The MP for Windsor-West is supporting a push against a federal election during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brian Masse says getting the community vaccinated against COVID-19 should be priority one, rather than prepping for an election.

"Our focus has always been COVID-19 relief," says Masse.  "Especially in Windsor-West, Windsor-Tecumseh and Essex County, on the border here, our primary focus should be working together. "Beyond that, when we're finished with vaccinations, making sure our economy recovers."

A House of Commons committee is looking for a promise from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he won't call an election until the pandemic is under control.

Masse says the residents he's been talking to feel the same way.

"I don't think an election is the appropriate way a government should be gearing itself towards right now," says Masse.  "I just hear from constituents that they want, A, them and their families to be safe and secure and, B, the economy to recover, not necessarily an election."

He adds COVID-19 should not be politicized.

"We're not playing that game," he says.  "As New Democrats, we want to see people vaccinated and we want to see the economy recover and we want to work cooperatively to get results for people. We'll fight during an election when it's necessary, but right now it's really not necessary."

In a report by the Procedure and House Affairs committee, even Liberal members supported a recommendation calling for a commitment from Trudeau to not call an election.

The exception would be if Trudeau's minority Liberal government is defeated on a confidence vote.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi