Masse urging Liberals to fight back against 'Buy America' provisions

Windsor West MP Brian Masse

The MP for Windsor-West is challenging the federal Liberals to fight back against the United States' "Buy America" provisions.

Brian Masse says the latest in a series of protectionist trade measures by the Biden administration will see an increase on duties charged to Canadian softwood lumber producers.

Masse pushed his Liberal counterparts Friday in the House of Commons to do something about it. 

He says a recent meeting in Washington proved to be unsuccessful.

"The Prime Minister and ministers, in a last ditch effort, finally went to the United States to deal with Buy America's attack on Canadian auto workers. Instead of improving the situation, their results have the U.S. doubling down on softwood lumber duties that devastate our industries and steal our future jobs."

He says it's time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood up for Canadian workers.

"For years, the Liberals have failed to protect families and their livelihoods and now they're letting them take it on the chin from U.S. protectionism. When will this government wake up and truly support value added industries, not just with talk, but with real plans to support our workers and their families?"

 Following last week's North American trilateral summit, Trudeau said he raised concerns about the "Buy American'" rhetoric with U.S. President Joe Biden highlighting the negative impact it would have on Canadian jobs.