Mayor expects push back for new city vaccination measures


The mayor of Windsor is expecting some push back.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Drew Dilkens reacted to city council's decision requiring anyone over the age of 12 to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter any indoor city recreational venue or facility with indoor event spaces. 

He says the decision will impact some users but will also provide comfort to others.

Dilkens says city council is trying to stay consistent. 

"If you can be vaccinated, we expect coming into a facility there's going to be some comfort with everyone else in there knowing that you are vaccinated."

Dilkens feels there will be some push back from individuals.

"Like everything in COVID, this is imperfect in some way because I know this decision will impact those who may have just turned 12 and only have one shot and now we got to figure out a pathway to deal with that and we will," Dilkens said.      

Dilkens says eligible individuals must be vaccinated to enter a city facility.

"There's been push back at all of the decisions that are made and we're in the middle of a fourth wave of a pandemic," he continued. "We see our community certainly has some of the highest numbers in the Province of Ontario with infection and what we're trying to do is navigate through this in a sensible way to give everyone coming who's coming into these facilities the comfort that everyone around them who can be fully vaccinated, is fully vaccinated."

As AM800 news reported on Monday, the new measures go into effect on Wednesday, Sept. 22, the same day the province begins requesting proof of vaccination to gain access to any non-essential indoor spaces such as bars, restaurants and move theatres.   

The recommendation applies only to City-owned indoor recreational venues or facilities that have event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference/convention centres. 

Proof of vaccination is not required for outdoor venues or facilities.