Mayor Expects Windsor's Crime Severity Index to Drop in 2019


Windsor's mayor and the chair of the Windsor Police Services Board expects there will be a drop in the city's ranking on the Crime Severity Index.

As you heard on AM800 News Tuesday morning,  the index in the city jumped 21 per cent in 2018, compared to the previous year.

There was an increase in both violent and non-violent crimes including ten murder investigations.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Mayor Drew Dilkens says the board's decision to hire 24 new officers should help.                                      

"The stats that are being reported out really reflect 2018 which is when the police services board said, you know what, we are not going to sit back and just watch these crime stats go up," says Mayor Dilkens.  "We are going to act, we hired 24 officers, they are now all hired."

12 of those officers are for the Problem Oriented Policing or POP unit targeting crime in the city core.   

The other 12 new hires were prompted because crime rates went up in Windsor.

According to Statistics Canada, LaSalle is the safest community in Canada.