Mayor Frustrated at Muzzling for OCPC Cases


Frustration is mounting for Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.
Speaking on the AM800 Morning Drive on Friday, Dilkens says he's disappointed information is being leaked out when it comes to Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) investigations dealing with the Windsor Police Service.
Dilkens says as much as he would like to talk, the city along with the police board, cannot talk about the investigations at the request of the OCPC.

"But unfortunately I can't because the OCPC has really muzzled us and said you cannot talk about who the complainants are to the OCPC and we asked you don't say anything to jeopardize anything related to the investigation," says Dilkens.

Dilkens says all parties involved received the same request but it appears some of the complainants are leaking information.
"It's very frustrating to sit here like the whipping boy and be continually hit in the head and not being able to come out and have a full some and frank discussion with my community but I am following the rules of the game," says Dilkens.  "I'm following them, others who are making complaints are not because they were asked to do the same thing but some how things are getting leaked out."       
Dilkens says he has asked for a meeting with the OCPC.
"We do have a meeting setup in a couple of weeks, folks from the OCPC will be here, I've asked for that meeting to light a fire under them to say get this investigation done because we want the results," says Dilkens.  "We want this to be open and transparent and if there are improvements to be made, let's make those improvements       
The OCPC is investigating at least four complaints against the Windsor Police Service.

Those complaints include hiring practices, allegations of harassment, the 911 call from the chief's home last November and why charges did not proceed in an incident involving two off duty police officers at a local golf course in 2016.

Dilkens has said an OPP report into the investigation of the 911 call from Chief Al Frederick's home has concluded the situation was handled appropriately.