Mayor Not Surprised Windsor Ikea Store is Closing


The mayor of Windsor is not surprised the city's Ikea store is going to close.

The location on Walker Rd. opened as part of a global test program and, with the conclusion of that program, the Windsor site is set to close.

Its closure comes along side stores in London, St. Catharines, Whitby and Kitchener also being shut down as of January 29, 2020.

Drew Dilkens says the Order Point and Pick-up location on Walker Rd. just doesn't offer the shopping experience many residents were hoping for.

"They came to Windsor with great fanfare and four other communities across Canada with these pick-up locations. I'm sorry for the 40-plus folks who will be looking for new jobs, but I'm not surprised from a corporate perspective that that didn't really catch on because it didn't match what people have, in terms of that Ikea experience, in their mind," he says.

Dilkens believes a full-scale store would likely have done better.

"The one thing that I know that a lot of folks in Windsor, and probably around the world, know that Ikea is about an experience," he says. "When you go into Ikea it's a different furniture shopping experience and at the end of it, people are looking for those Swedish meatballs and to stop at the snack bar and they never had that experience at a pick-up location."

Dilkens compares the Ikea closure to what happened when Target opened in Windsor.

"When you go to the stores in the U.S., the first thing my kids want to do is stop and get a dollar bag of popcorn and walk the store with their popcorn. First thing I noticed when we went in there with the kids in Canada, they didn't have it, it was a different experience," he points out. "So Ikea having a pick-up location, certainly they're not able to offer that Ikea experience that they're known for."  

The store held its grand opening April 4, 2016.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi