Mayor to Speak with Transport Minister About Saving Windsor Airport Control Tower


Windsor's mayor will get the chance to make his case to save the air traffic control tower at Windsor International Airport.

Mayor Drew Dilkens is scheduled to speak on Tuesday with Omar Alghabra, the new federal minister of transport.

Nav Canada announced a study in November 2020 to eliminate air traffic control services at six airports, including Windsor, switching to an uncontrolled facility.

Dilkens told AM800's The Morning Drive he wants to stress the importance of the tower and will discuss what it means to the regional economy.

"How it's fundamental to the work in terms of economic development at the airport, but also in terms of safety because of the complexity of the airspace with Detroit Metro Airport and Detroit City Airport so close," says Dilkens.

Since the study was announced, politicians across the region have been working to save the tower.

There's concern that if Nav Canada removes the air traffic controllers, there'll be less commercial traffic coming into and out of Windsor because of safety concerns, which in turn will hurt the regional economy.