McCurdy Wants to Lead Liberals in Windsor-Tecumseh


The field is getting crowded in Windsor-Tecumseh for the Liberal party.

Criminal defence lawyer Linda McCurdy has announced her intentions to seek the Liberal nomination in the riding.

She is the daughter of the late Howard McCurdy, the second black MP in Canada and the first for the NDP.

He also represented the Windsor-Tecumseh riding.

McCurdy says she filed her papers with the party back in April.

"I've been kind of in the mix since April, it's just been kind of low key because I'm very new to the game," says McCurdy.  "I'm novice at this so I didn't really know how it all worked but I'm learning."       

McCurdy adds she never thought she would be getting involved in politics.

"I can tell you that politics is not something that I ever aspired to do," says McCurdy.  "I really don't like the whole concept of politics but I've got to the point where I have concerns about the community and what's going on and I thought maybe it's time for me to do something that historically been something my family has done, get involved in the political realm in an area where you can actually make a difference."              

Windsor city councillor Irek Kusmierczyk along with Jeewan Gill are also seeking the nomination.

McCurdy says a date for the nomination meeting has not been announced but expects it to happen within the next few days.