McKee Park improvements begin soon

AM800-News-Windsor-McKee Park-Planned Improvements-2022

Improvements to McKee Park in Windsor's West End are set to begin this month.

On Wednesday, May 25 a few trails and greenspaces will require short term closures.

For a three to four week period, asphalt pathways will be removed and replaced. 

Three new bench pads will be installed and concrete footings will be set for eight new decorative light standards.

Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante says these improvements are great news.

"Divided into three phases: the board walk, and gazebo installation the trails, lighting, silos and benches and of course the playground installation," he continued. "I think equally important is some of the drainage work thats going to happen, anyone who goes there will know when there is heavy rainfalls, there are parts of the park that have large puddles and the drainage isn't the best." 

Costante says the goal is to finish the project in 2022. 

"It was supposed to originally be done by the fall, and that's still the goal but likely later in the fall in 2022. An important thing to note is that the parking lot and the boat ramp will still be open, that won't be disrupted, and I know there are a lot of boaters that use that ramp from all across the region." 

He expects the community to embrace this project.  

"The size of this project and the speed of which its getting done was because of the great contribution made by the WDBA and the community benefits that have stemmed from this . I've used some of my ward funds, the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority provided a sizable investment of $200,000 and the cities capital plan filled the rest," Costante said.

The McKee Park enhancements planned include the following:

- Phase 1 - Boardwalk and gazebo installation
- Phase 2 - Trails, lighting, silos and benches
- Phase 3 - Playground installation

Park users are being asked to avoid the construction areas.