Medical Labs of Windsor Approved for COVID-19 Testing


Medical Laboratories of Windsor has been approved to test for COVID-19 by the province.

Vice President Jennifer Yee says the lab has been granted licence by the Ministry of Health to perform testing at their facility on Ouellette Avenue.

She says the lab is purchasing a machine that can perform 800 tests every 16-hours and plans to have it running by December.

"Which should take the burden off the rest of the province in terms of having to do whatever comes out of our community," she added.

Yee says Medical Labs of Windsor will have the capacity to turn tests around in one day.

"People will have peace of mind that before they go to bed that night, they should have result," says Yee.

She tells AM800 News staff is excited to ease the anxiety of waiting for results.

"It's so nice to be involved in a profession where we can help people and I can tell you that people working on this are really passionate about the work they do," she says. "We're super excited to do the testing."

Windsor Regional Hospital's set to purchase a machine that can turn tests around in an hour.

President and CEO David Musyj says the hospital will focus on tests for patients in the health care system while Medical Labs of Windsor takes care of outpatients in the greater community.